We publish the national academic journal in this field which named as Chinese Scientific Journal of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation. Chinese Scientific Journal of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation is a bimonthly journal managed by China Disabled Persons’ Federation and sponsored by China Rehabilitation and Research Center for Deaf Children.It is by far the only national academic journal in the field of hearing and speech rehabilitation. It aims to spread new methods, techniques and theories of hearing and speech rehabilitation, to provide comprehensive technical information and to build a common information platform for rehabilitation professionals and parents of hearing-impaired children.

The journal covers various aspects of hearing and speech rehabilitation and has established several characteristic columns, such as Expert Forum, Basic Research, Clinical Research, Rehabilitation Education, Review and New Technology.

Since its first publication in November 2003, the Journal has been included in the China Core Journal (Selected) Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Journal Full-text Database and Chinese Medical Current Content. With the joint efforts of expert committee and editorial board, Chinese Scientific Journal of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation was included in the Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations and Chinese Sci-tech Paper and Citation Database in April 2006.

The Journal will work together with the experts and scholars in this field to establish an authoritative journal in China and an influential journal in the world and to effectively facilitate the development of hearing and speech rehabilitation.

Main research achievements

Lists of main scientific research:

■ Research on the Cognitive Rules and standardization of Rehabilitation Techniques for Hearing-impaired Children (2008-2010)

■ The Hearing Rehabilitation and Its Compensation Mechanism in the Aged-related Heading Loss (AHL)

■ Hearing Evaluation Standards and Methods

■ Speech Evaluation Standards and Methods

■ Assessment Standards of Learning Ability for Hearing-impaired Children.

A book series for hearing and speech rehabilitation were published in 2012 to meet the needs of educational reform. Books published in 2012: