Concern of Government

Chinese government has paid due attention to the prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. The national plans and policies have been formulated and launched as below,

National Working Plans of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation (1991-1995,1996-2000,2001-2005,2006-2010,2011-2015)

The National Strategy for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment.(2007-2015) ,in which 6 goals are listed as below,

■ The coverage of primary hearing health care services (with county as the unit) reaches 80%

■ The coverage of hearing and speech rehabilitation services (with county as the unit) reaches 80%

■ The prevalence of hearing impairment induced by drugs, infection and noise are reduced by 10% compared with those of 2006

■ The coverage of newborn hearing screening is improved by 30% compared with that of 2005

■ The percentage of hearing aid (cochlear implant) wearers among newborn hearing-impaired children reaches 90%

■ The rate of awareness about hearing protection and rehabilitation knowledge among hearing-impaired people reaches 60%.

By the end of 2012, 370,000 hearing-impaired children have achieved different degrees of improvements after receiving the rehabilitation services.