National Ear Care Day

In order to raise the public awareness of hearing protection and promote the early intervention for hearing impairment, 3 March has been observed as the National Ear Care Day since 2000 suggested by CDPF (China Disabled Persons’ Federation) and other ministries. For 15 years, the National Ear Care Day has got much attention from the Chinese government. The number of participating ministries and commissions has increased to 16.

The Annual Charity Concert special for National Ear Care Day were held in 2008 and has become a branded event. Themes of National Ear Care Day from 2000-2014.

■ 2000: Prevention of Deafness Caused By Ototoxic Drugs

■ 2001: Early Intervention to Reduce Deafness

■ 2002: Assisting Children with Hearing Impairment in Poverty

■ 2003: Reduce Hearing Loss for the Newborn

■ 2004: Prevention of deafness into community

■ 2005: The care given to senior citizens by the whole society: good hearing, happy life"

■ 2006: Prevention of hearing impairment and deafness, better hearing for all

■ 2007: Uniting Action by cities and countries, pay attention to the hearing health of youth
              and children---Caring the hearing, Growing happily

■ 2008: Hearing the wonderful Olympic games

■ 2009: Use the Acousticon Correctly

■ 2010: Cochlear, a hope of Hearing Reconstruction

■ 2011: Recovery Starts from Discovery

■ 2012: Reduce Noise and Protect Hearing

■ 2013: Healthy Hearing, Happy Life - Hearing Health Care for Ageing People

2014: Ear Care Can Avoid Hearing Loss

In 2013, WHO announced officially that 3 March is observed as the International Ear Care Day. The Theme of the International Ear Care Day in 2013 is Healthy Hearing, Happy Life - Hearing Health Care for Ageing People, which is the same as that of China.

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