About Us

China Rehabilitation Research Center for Deaf Children (CRRCHSI), affiliated with China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF),was founded in 1983.

As the state-level hearing and speech rehabilitation institution and the national technical resource center, We provide inclusive hearing and speech services for children with hearing impairment and carry out scientific researches. We also take the responsible for cultivating professionals and supplying the hearing and speech technical support to the national network and industry management. In addition, we assist the government in formulating and implementing the national programs on hearing and speech rehabilitation.

CRRCHSI had been designated in 2009 and re-designated again in 2013 as WHO Collaborating Centre for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment.

According to the cooperation, We focus on:

■ To assist WHO in promoting activities on prevention of hearing loss, such as International Ear and Hearing Day

■ To provide technical support in the community-based rehabilitation as a resource centre

■ To improve hearing aid fitting and cochlear implantation assessment methods and standard procedures in developing countries

■ To develop extendable low-cost hearing devices and hearing testing products for developing countries

■ To undertake other tasks assigned by WHO.